The Magic of the Dolomites

1 x 43 min

Tyrolean wildlife filmmaker Hans Jöchler embarks on a spectacular voyage of discovery through the Dolomites: The journey takes us from the Geislerspitzen (the peaks of the Geisler mountains) to the Gadertal. The Geislerspitzen are considered the heart of the South Tyrolean Dolomites and the hallmark of the Villnöss Valley. None other than alpine legend Reinhold Messner spent his childhood and youth here and made his first climbing attempts on the walls of the Dolomites. Villnöss is also known for the annual South Tyrolean Speck Festival – a cornucopia of ham and bacon – as well as an animal mascot in the form of the Vilnöss spectacled sheep. The Val Badia, on the other hand, is the center of centuries-old Ladin culture, including, for example, the art of carving in Val Gardena or the production of filigree handicrafts. And the natural landscape also impresses with its incomparable beauty: The Fanes Group, a huge mountain range, is famous for various Dolomite legends, such as that of the “Parliament of the Marmots”.

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