The Mysteries of the Brain

DW Transtel | 26 4762
30 mins / ep
Episodes 23 – 24 (new episodes)
Episodes 8-10, 12-22 (previous episodes)
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The brain is the nerve center of the human body. It is the point where all information from the body and its environment is collected and processed into reactions and memories. Everything we think, say or do is controlled by the brain, as are processes that occur without our conscious input, such as understanding what we are seeing or hearing, feeling joy or fear, or recognizing danger. Researching the workings of the human brain is an even greater scientific challenge than decoding the human genome.

08 Doping for the Brain (2014)
09 Invisible, But Highly Effective: Our Thoughts (2014)
10 Neuromarketing – Tracking our Decision (2014)
12 Puberty – The Brain’s State of Emergency (2018)
13 Criminality – Controlled by the Brain? (2018)
14 Always on Duty – When the Brain Needs a Break (2018)
15 Hypnosis – What’s Happening in the Brain (2018)
16 Man or Machine: Creating an Artificial Brain (2020)
17 False Memories: How the Brain Deceives Us (2020)
18 Hearing Voices in the Head (2020)
19 Where am I? – Our Internal Navigation System (2022)
20 Lucid Dreams – An Untapped Potential? (2022)
21 Mind and Movement – A Fruitful Relationship (2022)
22 The Evil Within – Are We Natural Born Killers (2022)
23 The Power of Gentle Touch (2023) [NEW]
24 IQ Test on Trial – The Diversity of Human Intelligence (2023) [NEW]

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