The Private Nazi

OneGate Media
1 x 52 min

For the first time ever this film shows the private life of Nazi-Germany before World War II in full real colour. 86 hours of unreleased footage is the stock for this stunning documentary. Private moments of everyday life, captured exclusively in colour by amateur film makers, allow an unprecedented and intimate insight into life in the Third Reich. A chilling reminder that happiness, tenderness and humour were also part of the perpetrators’ lives. Tracing the personal stories of eight amateur cameramen, “The Private Nazi” shows the ordinary life: more tangible, more authentic, more ‘normal’ than we usually imagine it. While parts of Europe descend into chaos, at home, people play with their kids, happy weddings are celebrated and cheerful excursions are planned with the foldboat. It’s the illusion of happiness under the shadow of impending doom.

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