The Real Angry Birds

OneGate Media
1 x 52 min

Angry birds are very popular – especially in the minds of game playing kids – but are there real angry birds out there? Birds battle to survive, find enough food and shelter, avoid danger and on top of that must raise their young. Life’s hard, but will they get in a flap? As the year passes birds face fresh challenges and in each season new reasons emerge for birds to get wound up. Winter is mostly a time of worrying about where your next meal is coming from, and for the survivors, spring is a time to prepare for the year ahead. The first thing birds want to do is find a mate. Then they need to establish a home and fight off encroachers. Raising young is a never ending series of demands. It can mean having to catch fish and then fending off those who would steal the food from your beaks. And then you have to fight fiercely to keep terrifying predators away from your young.

As summer draws to a close, relieved families say goodbye to their youngsters, now ready to fledge they must leave the nest. It has been a tough and challenging year but all our birds have made it. Having gone through so much strife it is hardly surprising that among them there have been a few angry birds!

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