This Means War

DW Transtel | 86 4824
6 episodes x 30 mins
TV Rights

The face of war is changing. Governments and armies attempt to present war as a legitimate political tool and, as far as is possible, try to portray military operations as harmless. Few opportunities remain for journalists to convey an accurate and genuine representation of war and its consequences – with reporters themselves often becoming targets in a conflict. Civilians are only safe as long as this is deemed appropriate. Only sanitized images of war are made public; “clean” and precise strikes using combat drones and intelligent bombs; and those involved are given all the air time they need to justify their military activities. The reality on the ground is very different. Wars continue to inflict great suffering, destruction and death – long after the battles have ceased.

03 Peacekeepers Pose a Threat
05 The Strategy of a Worldwide Presence
09 Danger Beneath the Seas
10 Congo’s Women Take Up Arms
11 NATO’s Lethal Legacy
12 The Deadly Effects of the Gulf Wars

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