Transoceânica – The World’s Longest Bus Journey

DW Transtel | 58 4888
60 min / ep
Episode 1 – 3
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The three-part documentary series Transoceânica – The World’s Longest Bus Journey takes the viewer through the heart of South America. The series follows a bus that travels from Rio de Janeiro to Lima. The bus trip lasts six days and covers a distance of 6,300 kilometers – a journey of superlatives. A voyage filled with contrast: from the Atlantic, it leads initially through a savannah landscape, then through the Earth’s largest area of wetland, the Amazon jungle, and finally up to the Andes and the Pacific on the western side of the mountain range. The road movie affords the viewer a glimpse into the soul of South America. It shows the beauty of its nature and the pride of its people, but also some of the negatives: environmental pollution, poverty and crime.

1 The Maiden Voyage: From the Copacabana to Cowboys
2 Crossing Jungle, Barricades and Borders: From Brazil to Peru
3 The Final Stage: Over the Andes to Lima

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