Tricks of the Trade

DW Transtel | 06 4814
30 min / ep
Episodes 28 – 30 (New episodes)
Episodes 11, 13 – 18, 20 – 27 (Previous episodes)
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Whenever we buy something – in the supermarket, the shopping mall or online – we participate in a market, local or global. But do we make intelligent decisions when we part with our money? And what are the consequences or the environment, our own health and that of the workers toiling to make the products we buy? Only the well-informed can make responsible purchase decisions, though some manufacturers would prefer us all to be blissfully ignorant: For them, an awful lot of money is at stake. That is why they often declare crucial facts about their products only when forced to by law. And marketing strategies can often amount to perfidious manipulation. But a sustainable economy needs informed and critical consumers. We reveal some of the Tricks of the Trade.

11 Pesticides in Tea – A Bitter Aftertaste (2014)
13 Sweet Seduction – The Sugar Drug (2014)
14 The Likes Business – Advertising in Social Media (2016)
15 The Online Dating Love Trap (2016)
16 The Diet Deception (2016)
17 Ready Meals – Instant Temptation (2016)
18 Back in Fashion – The Resurgence of the Fur Industry (2016)
20 The Global Tomato Trade (2018)
21 Second-Hand Clothes: The Donation Business (2018)
22 Weather as a Commodity (2018)
23 Meat with Side-Effects (2018)
24 Cruises: The Uncomfortable Facts (2018)
25 Fast Food: Two Standards for Health (2020)
26 Fashion: Slow and sustainable instead of fast and harmful (2020)
27 FSC – eco-label under fire (2020)
28 No Escape – The E-Commerce Trap (2022)
29 Does Price Have Gender? (2022)
30 Consuming with a Conscience (2022)

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