Mixed with English subtitle
1 x 39 min / 4 x 52 min

“tripleF***” is symbolic for FridaysForFuture, for the triple fucked up situation, and the triple funds of resources we consume annually. This documentary mirrors the global situation and the diversity of climate change related activism. Our protagonists range from young activists to senior scientists, from Indigenous people and Indonesian farmers to German schoolgirls and polar researchers. All united by one vision. The mini-series contains material from six continents as well as archive footage, realized with cooperating film teams and institutes on site. The topic of climate activism itself as a protagonist takes us on a global journey to the activists’ lives: Why did so many young people became activists? What is life as an activist like, how do they deal with political stagnation, harsh criticism, and even threats, and why do they still continue? Very personal but not private: to protect the activists’ privacy, sensitive topics are embedded as a fictional part. In its core spirit of a holistic approach, the project is designed similarly to its topic of the climate activism movement: independent, global, green.

Cinema Verde Film Festival, USA (2022): Activism Award (won)
Colorado Environmental Film Festival, USA (2022): CEFF-Award (Spirit of Activism) (won)
Latino & Native American Film Festival (2022): Honorable Mention (won)
Latino & Native American Film Festival (2022): Social Impact (Honorable Mention) (won)
Halicarnassus Film Festival (2021): Spezial Prize (Best Short Documentary) (won)
Košice International Film Festival, Slovakia (2021): Annual Award (Best Short Documentary) (won)
Matsalu Nature Film Festival (2021): Special Prize of NGO Mondo (won)

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