Triumph of the Tomato

1 x 50 min
Worldwide except for Germany, France, China, Macau and Taiwan

The original Peruvian tomat’l -«swollen fruit»- was yellow and the Conquistadores prized it for its blossom. But in Europe under the Spanish sun its lycopene went wild; rounded and red, it became irresistible. In Austria they still call it the «paradise fruit», and in Italy the «golden apple». This was surely the real forbidden fruit in the world’s first seduction! Today’s obsession with shape, size and long shelf-life has reduced the once glorious tomato to mushy tastelessness. But the counter-revolution has started!

From tomato grower Erich Stekovics with his 3,200 varieties stored in nylon stockings, to tomato tsarina Irina Zacharias, saved by the red fruit after the fall of Communism. From the pizza that boosted Queen Margarita’s sex life to Chinese Tomato King Li Jingfu’s 32 new strains, cross-bred to feed his fellow countrymen and Joe Cocker, who serenades the crimson fruit and knows «it’s Blues they like best».

This film squeezes inside the tomato – literally – to show how it manages to make itself irresistible. You’ll understand why people go crazy at tomato festivals in Spain and Italy – and you may realize you have never, ever tasted a real tomato – yet!

Awards: Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2014: Silver Dolphin, NaturVision 2015: NaturVision Award 

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