Clash of the Crown Princes – Rudolf, Wilhelm and a Europe in Turmoil

1 x 51 min
Worldwide except for Germany and France

Two crown princes, two empires – and two completely different dramas at the end of the 19th century, fatefully linked to each other: Rudolf of Austria and Wilhelm of Prussia. Both princes suffer extremely from the role they have been assigned to – maintaining a world that is crumbling. And both endure childhood trauma in their relationship with their parents which they will work through for the rest of their lives. But their goals and world views could not be more different – the liberal Rudolf has a vision of a united Europe, the conservative Wilhelm wants above all to strengthen his own empire and rule in an authoritarian manner. An opulent docudrama about two heirs of European imperial dynasties of the same age who, nonetheless, take a completely different path – for one of them it leads to personal triumph, for the other to tragedy.

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