Under the Spell of the Seasons

OneGate Media
English (1 episode only)
4 x 52 mins

This film explores Central Europe and presents our homeland nature from a never before seen perspective. Fascinating landscape footage in high-quality HD technology, coupled with spectacular Cineflex aerial views, take us on a journey through the hitherto unknown blazes of colour of the Central European region and its inhabitants. We show you paradise o earth and demonstrate how climate and astronomy deter-mine our life cycle. While seasons change, we visit several different European habitats that – in their diversity, are exemplary of a Central European region. Mountains, water, forests and meadows: we return to each of these habitats at different times of the year and show how the rhythm of life of each of our protagonists follows nature’s clock.

The four seasons determine all of the coming and passing away; a highly complex interplay in the universe of life. We explore the wondrous worlds of the mysterious cycle of nature together with extraordinary people. Breath-taking landscapes enable us to experience the change of seasons at first hand.

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