Unlocking the Past

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Episodes 43 – 48 (new episodes)
Episodes 21 – 39, 40 – 42 (previous episodes)
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Wherever people live, they leave traces behind them. Some of these are temporary, others survive the test of time. What we know about the history of humanity we owe to such traces: impressive buildings; magnificent works of art, music and literature; great achievements in the fields of science and technology – but also everyday objects, transit routes, the remains of settlements or ritual sites. All over the world, scientists are investigating the often hidden traces of past eras and cultures. They preserve the remains of the past for the future, and explore the wide range of human activity over many millennia.

21 Herakleion – Egypt’s Sunken Port City (2013)
22 Baltic Battle – The Mystery Surrounding Sweden’s Historic Defeat (2013)
23 The Thuringians – An Enigmatic Equestrian Tribe (2013)
27 Ice Age Masterpieces (2017)
28 The Secret of the Spanish Ship (2017)
29 Naqa – Uncovering an Advanced Civilization in Sudan (2017)
30 Troy: The Truth Behind the Myth (2018)
31 When Humans Began to Settle (2018)
32 The Cultural Legacy of the Neolithic Age (2018)
33 The Djehuty Mystery: Exploring an Ancient Egyptian Cemetery (2018)
34 The Last Frozen Tombs on Earth (2018)
35 The Mystery of Ethiopia’s Megaliths (2021)
36 The Treasure in a Celtic Tomb (2021)
37 Between Desert and Oasis: The Pre-Islamic Culture of Oman (2021)
38 Druids: The Celtic Priests of the Ice Age (2021)
39 Neanderthals – Our Distant Relatives (2021)
40 The Hunt for Sunken Treasure (2022)
41 IT-Archeology: Virtually Cloned Temples in Bagan (2022)
42 The Legacy of the European Neolithic Era (2022)
43 Narbo Martius: Rome’s Eldest Daughter (2023) [NEW]
44 The Queens of Saqqara (2023) [NEW]
45 The Stone Age Village of Ba’ja – A Child’s Grave Writes History (2023) [NEW]
46 The Moment of Death – The Plaster Casts of Pompeii (2023) [NEW]
47 The Inca and Their Empire: Reconstructing an Advanced Civilization (2023) [NEW]
48 Golden Treasure from the Rhône – The Enigmatic Barge of Arles (2023) [NEW]

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