Untamed Albania a.k.a Blue Eyes and Green Lakes | 未驯服的阿尔巴尼亚(4K)

1 x 45 min / 1 x 52 min

Far away in Europe’s south east is a country dom- inated by high peaks and crystal-clear waters, and home to a vast range of wild animals: Albania. Lake Ohrid, Europe’s oldest lake, in the east, supports hundreds of endemic animals. It has outlived earth- quakes, volcanic eruptions and even Ice Ages. The Balkans’ largest lake, Lake Scutari, once part of the Adriatic Sea, is a vast bird reserve protecting Dalmatian pelicans, the rarest on the planet. Just 7 meters deep, Lake Scutari hosts a variety of small animals in its marshlands, that feed the herons, ibis and flamingoes. In spring it’s covered by millions of water lilies, perfect shelter for snakes and other predators. The rare greater spotted eagle doesn’t just swoop on its prey from the skies, but stalks it on the ground, too! This region has big predators, too: brown bears, wolves, lynx and jackals, in an in- tact habitat scarcely disturbed by humanity. This is truly a hidden Eden!


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