Untamed Vietnam – Wilderness Reborn (4K)

2 x 45 min | 2 x 52 min
Worldwide except for Germany and France

Vietnam’s wildlife made an amazing recovery after decades of war, but now population growth, development and tourism are the threat. Guided by an elderly fisherman, his sketched illustrations and deep experience of the country, our eyes are opened to Vietnam’s stunning, surprising animal stories.

Part I: The North – visits the world‘s rarest primate, the white-headed langur, on the famous rock pillars of Ha Long Bay. In mountain rainforests the moss seems to have eyes and monkeys wear glasses, while on the Red River, turtles vibrate, and fish growl! Langurs leap from tree to tree and climb vertical cliffs. Butterflies form dense migrating clouds and pangolins waddle away from poachers, like artichokes on legs.

Part II: The South – yelling gibbons mate, lizards fight and fly, 150-kilo sea turtles lay their eggs. Vietnam‘ s elephants, snail-eating snakes, and the cute, furry and poisonous slow loris, all star. Not to mention miniature leopards, flying frogs and the coffee-bean eating, and excreting, palm civet.

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