Vision Possible – Future Project Europe

1 x 53 mins

The documentary Vision Possible – Future Project Europe deals with an outlook on a Europe of opportunity: What could life be like in thirty, forty, or fifty years? How can Europe survive in the face of climate change and energy crisis? How will the Internet of Things shape our world, and how will new technologies impact people’s daily lives? The documentary develops the idea of a “Vision Possible”, a viable, shapeable future of Europe, by presenting concrete examples, which are divided into three topics: The energy network, the digital network, and the social network. What if the oft-lamented “Mission Impossible”, a scenario of bureaucracy, powerlessness, and crises, could become a “Vision Possible,” an attractive future project, a renewal, a redesign of the “European dream”? No one can predict the future, but meanwhile many can conceptualise it.

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