Waterland Warriors – The Beavers Are Back

1 x 52 mins

The Blue Danube is Vienna’s lifeline – and a lifeline for beavers making a comeback after their extermination in the last century. The film follows a young beaver setting off in search of his own territory. As babbling meadow brooks are channeled into concrete tunnels he finds himself right in the center of Vienna. If he can make it through the city, paradise awaits upstream. Meter-high reeds, meandering side-channels and unlimited food await our beaver – and, who knows, maybe a young female too. On the way he encounters many surprising creatures that live in this metropolis. Who would have expected turtles, colourful amphibians and fish, butterflies whose caterpillars develop underwater, and water spiders living their entire life without ever coming to the surface? Spectacular sub-aqua macro-photography reveals an unsuspected universe on our doorstep.

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