Wild Alpine Rivers

OneGate Media
1 x 30 mins

What would happen to the mountains without water? They would turn into deserts, devoid of life and vegetation. But there are very few mountains without water on our planet. They take care of this themselves, creating their life’s element and taking water directly from the sky by entrapping the clouds around them. This water then collects on the flanks of the mountains, where it turns from rivulets into rivers, that flow out into the oceans. Mountains and water are symbiotic, a cycle that keeps life on earth going. Mountain streams slowly move along meadows before, only moments later, turning into the spray of waterfalls or small mystic lakes. What kind of life can be found in and around this mysterious cosmos?
We will investigate the world of the rare Danube salmon and be there to see the Danube bleak spawn. We will follow giant wels catfish into their hideouts, see great crested grebes on their underwater hunting. We go diving under the ice of frozen mountain streams and lakes, discovering life where none was thought possible.

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