Gentle Mountains, Wild Marshes – The Alpine Foothills (4K)

1 x 52 min / 1 x 45 min
Worldwide except Germany and France

In the Alpine foothills, misty lakes and wild moors lie at the base of majestic mountains. The water from the peaks gathers here, giving rise to an incredible range of biodiversity. „Wild and Gentle“ takes the viewer on a journey through a captivating, rugged and picturesque wonderland. Many species here cross between different worlds: in Lower Bavaria, red deer move seamlessly from the steep mountain slopes to the last remaining lowland moors. The ibex, on the other hand, are restricted to higher elevations – but one herd has made its home far down the mountain, where the agile wild goats climb yew trees to get at the leaves. Eurasian jays compete with squirrels for winter food stores, while endangered yellow-bellied toads play in ponds in floodplain forests and Eurasian nuthatches display surreal behaviour patterns never captured on film before. The climate in the Alpine foothills is as compelling as the wild inhabitants. Clouds and fog gather on the steep slopes and around the peaks, and the weather can change at any moment. Sudden rainstorms are frequent, and provide little owls with the opportunity to show off their distinctive „rain dances“. „Wild and Gentle“ also explores the role humans have had in shaping this strange borderland between the mountains and the plains – a region that is often overlooked, but which combines spectacular landscapes with fascinating flora and fauna.

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