2 x 50 min, 2 x 59 min, 1 x 68 min
Worldwide except for the USA, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and France (All Episodes)

Wild Cuba: A Caribbean Journey brings viewers back to a time just 50 years ago when the Earth’s wildlife seemed abundant. It is a journey into a lost world that may soon disappear forever as outside forces focus on the sleeping prize. For all is about to change. Colin Stafford-Johnson begins his Cuban journey in the south of the island in the great Zapata Swamp. The largest single protected area in the entire Caribbean, it is home to the very smallest bird in the world, the diminutive Bee Hummingbird. Colin ventures deep into the forests of Zapata in search of this tiny creature found nowhere else on earth. Next stop are the Gardens of the Queen, 150 kilometres of islands, coral reefs and mangrove swamps which form one of the greatest barrier reef systems on earth. Then a night in Havana reveals some of the city’s most unlikely residents – African geckos. It’s a long way from Ghana and Liberia for these Tropical House Geckos that now stalk Havana’s city streets. Colin’s journey next takes him further east to the Guantanamo region where he witnesses a remarkable wildlife spectacle – Cuban Boa Snakes hunting bats by night as they leave their home caves in Humboldt National Park. Cuba still hides some of the richest natural treasures in the Caribbean – 3,700kms of mostly pristine coastline, mountain ranges still clothed in primeval forest, swamps teeming in swamp loving creatures. And much of it thriving because of Cuba’s revolution. Decades of a socialist conservation-minded government, American embargoes and minimal development have left an island largely unchanged in five decades. Whatever your politics, Cuba’s isolation has created a natural citadel in the Caribbean, an island truly apart.

Please note that this production is mainly made of footage from “Cuba’s Wild Revolution”

AWARDS: JACKSON WILD MEDIA AWARDS (2020): Best Presenter-led Film (won)

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