Wild Ireland – The Edge of the World | 狂野爱尔兰-世界的边缘

1 x 52 min
Worldwide except for Germany, France, UK, Ireland, Sweden, USA and Australia

This film features Ireland’s wild wonders – from breaching Humpback Whales off its southern shores, to Golden Eagles fighting the gales of the northern highlands, to the majestic Salmon returning from the Arctic to face upriver into the purest freshwaters in Europe and a murderous gauntlet of waterfalls and fishermen. From the Red Squirrels and Pine Martens battling back from the edge of extinction to the marvelous spring dance of mad March Hares; to the clash of Ireland’s last Red Deer stags echoing through the mountains of Kerry. Ireland’s diversity, too is legendary: one hour from the highland glories of Connemara and the finest Sea Trout rivers on Earth is the limestone desert of the Burren where Iron Age hill forts are inhabited only by Stoats and Ravens or a passing Sea Eagle. In the Shannon lives one of the most mysterious animals on the planet – the European Eel, spending perhaps 40 years maturing before they head Downstream and into the inky blackness of the Atlantic.

Awards: Grierson Awards (2017): Best Natural History Documentary (won)


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