Wild Moments

OneGate Media
10 x 52 min

Whenever humans enter the wilderness – no matter if they are scientists, cameramen or just outdoor fans – they will face unforgettable encounters: the discovery of new species in the jungles of New Guinea, the scary moments when a group of white sharks surround a diving team off the coast of South Africa and the dedicated work of wildlife warriors who try to save jaguars and gorillas to name a few. Wildlife film makers sometimes risk life and limb too. In Siberia Uwe Anders is taken by surprise by an uninvited guest – a polar bear. Wildlife film makers experience also many emotionally touching moments: Oliver Goetzl and Ivo Nörenberg are witnessing a wolf approaching a lone newborn bison. But just in time its mother arrives. The ten part series shows the funniest but also the most dangerous and the most emotional moments in the wild.


Funny encounters (2)
Four seasons – many traditions (2)
Big emotions
Wildlife Warriors
Dangerous and deadly (3)

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