Wild Shetland | 狂野设得兰 (4K)

1 x 59 min
Worldwide except for United Kingdom, USA and France

From otters to puffins, spectacular underwater diving gannets and rarely seen storm petrels, the climax of this film is a dramatic and exciting killer whale hunt where a pod filmed from land and air work together to corner young seals in the breathtaking scenery of these islands. This one hour special draws you in to the sheer beauty and drama of Scotland’s most northerly isles – Shetland. Following the seasons, the film opens with the powerful Atlantic storms of winter where a young otter family is first seen in the darkness of winter. As days grow longer, thousands of gannets flock to the dramatic sea stacks to breed, diving hundreds of feet into the Atlantic Ocean in a feeding frenzy. Meanwhile the otter family explores the remote coastline of the sunken fjords in a daily battle for survival; and now a new male is on the scene…

The tiniest seabirds in the world – delicate storm petrels – return to nest in a 2,000-year-old Iron Age structure and colourful puffins crowd the grassy cliff tops. As fields of summer flowers bloom, young tern chicks grow rapidly on the bounty of the ocean and habour seal pups line the silver-white beaches. But as the seals give birth the orca move in. Killer whales – the most formidable ocean predators – work the coastline with clinical precision, cornering seals to feed their own tightknit family. With original music by award-winning Scottish composer Fraser Purdie, this film of beauty and drama, romantic yet harsh, provides an overwhelming sense of place.

Awards: Wildscreen Panda Awards (2020) ; Dolby Sound Award (nominated)

随着季节的变换, 展开了强大的大西洋冬季风暴,在那里,一个年轻的水獭家族首次出现在冬季的黑暗中。随着日子一天天地过去,成千上万的塘鹅涌向海栈中进行繁殖,它们潜入大西洋数百英尺的深处疯狂觅食。与此同时,水獭家族在每天为生存而战中探索凹陷峡湾的偏远海岸线;现在又来了一个新的雄性…

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