Wild Skagerrak

OneGate Media
1 x 52 min

The strait that connects the North Sea with the Baltic, with depths of over 700 metres, is notorious for its dangerously strong currents. But currents also mean food and therefore nourishment for the large swarms of fish that inhabit the region. The sea grass meadows are comparable with those off the Californian coast. Harbour seals, grey seals and orcas hunt here, as do the rare black mouth cat shark and porpoises. Close by, catfish mate, which in itself is quite spectacular and never caught on film in this way before. Lion’s mane jellyfish with nettle threads of up to 30 metres in length make their way through the open sea. Skagerrak’s coastal regions are amongst the most beautiful and varied in Europe and boast one of the world’s great bird paradises. Oystercatchers, sandwich and arctic terns are more plentiful here than anywhere else in Europe. The infinitely long dune landscape of the Skagerrak, is Denmark’s answer to the skerries of the Swedish and Norwegian coasts. Large seal colonies can be found in the isolation of the small, picturesque islands and one can come face to face with the animals. In this rough, yet infinitely beautiful landscape, the many streams and rivers that open out into the Skagerrak, are quite remarkable. We accompany salmon in an equally beautiful river landscape and meet with ospreys and sea eagles and eventually come face to face with a brown bear mother and her little ones.

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