Wild Venice | 狂野威尼斯 (4K)

1 x 52 mins
Worldwide except for Germany, France and Australia

Who would have thought Venice has its own beautiful reefs? The Tengue, located on the east end of the Lagoon, contains an astonishing diversity of life, from sponges to sea anemones to scribbled pipefish. Like all the other amazing wildlife, the Tengue has been influenced, perhaps created, by centuries of humangeo-engineering. The Grand Canal itself is actually the mouth of the river Brenta, descending 200 kms from the Alps! Venice today is the habitat for a wide range of animals. The Lagoon is a hot-spot for exotic birds heading north in spring – year after year more than 60 species stop at the Lagoon, their first feeding ground after crossing the Mediterranean. Venice’s fabulous hidden gardens are also hiding-places for a surprising range of animals: bats, mocking birds, Eurasian golden plovers and even Balkan whip snakes! In magnificent, atmospheric 4K photography, this film reveals the unexpected natural glories of the world’s most beautiful man-made environment.

Awards: Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2015: Silver Dolphin


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