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As individual clips or mini series – our Wildlife Shorts feature evocative images to tell fascinating stories about animals, plants and the environment. Pertinent issues and intriguing protagonists are a hallmark of these reports from and about the natural world.

The Serengeti
Since the 1960s, animal welfare activists have been fighting for the survival of the Serengeti, one of Africa’s most complex eco-systems, which extends from the north of Tanzania to the southwest of Kenya. In the language of the native Maasai, the word ‘Serengeti’ means “endless plains”. But climate change, population growth and poaching are endangering the land and the many species of animals living there. A team from the German Zoological Society in Frankfurt is working to preserve and protect the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

The World of Wild Animals
01 Big Five
02 The Importance of the Gnu
03 Hot Air Balloon Flight
04 On Safari
05 In the Shadow of the Stars

The Savanna in Crisis
06 The Threat from Poaching
07 Man and Beast in Conflict
08 Tourists – A Blessing and a Curse
09 The Climate is Changing

Saving the Serengeti
10 Herdsmen and Protectors
11 Pilot in the Serengeti
12 Microcredits not Poaching
13 On the Lion’s Trail
14 Observing the Rhino

Indonesia’s Orangutans
They have human names like Dora, Suro or Jackie. They also behave very like humans, as they explore their habitat, the rainforests of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, with childlike curiosity. Everything is new for the orangutans, even though they are not babies. In fact, if they could talk, Dora, Suro, Jackie and all the others would have quite few stories to tell. The animals are aged between 5 and 19 and have spent considerable lengths of time in captivity, as pets or as objects of prestige. Now, in their jungle school, they must learn to survive in the wild.
15 The Student Apes
16 The Biologist
17 The Teacher
18 A Loud Schoolyard
19 The Climbing School
20 Released into the Wild

My Favorite
When asked what their favorite animal is, most people think of dogs, cats or horses. But stingrays, sponges and cattle also have their fans. Often, people with a rather unusual favorite are doing something to protect that species: all over the world, nature conservationists are doing their bit for animals – counting and examining them, nurturing the young in breeding centers, or campaigning against poaching, pollution and climate change. Their enthusiasm is infectious and inspires hope that it is perhaps not yet too late for the fascinating creatures if which they are so fond.

21 Namibia – The Elephant
22 Costa Rica – The Butterfly
23 Ethiopia – The Crane
24 Maldives – The Ray
25 Nepal – The Honeybee
26 Ethiopia – Cattle
27 South Africa – The Cape Parrot
28 Indonesia – The Orangutan
29 Thailand – The Clown Fish
30 South Africa – The Geometric Tortoise
31 Mexico – The Monarch Butterfly
32 Zanzibar – The Sponge

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