Winter Wonderland

OneGate Media
1 x 52 min

When Jack Frost blankets the landscape there is magic in the air. For many, winter is a time for fun and festivities, but for our wild neighbours it’s a challenging period where they will need all of their adaptions to survive. Some rely on thick fur, big feet and varied diets, others huddle together for warmth or sleep away the cold.

There are many dangers; moose face risky journeys crossing rivers while deer may find themselves stalked by the secretive lynx. But with forward planning the beaver has built a home and stocked it with food so that he and his family can stay cosy and well fed until the weather improves.

Nature nurtures the forest and its plants and animals, keeps them warm and waters them in spring – winter’s legacy for the new year. Winter’s tale can be one of hardship, but also remarkable endurance.

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