World Domination

1 x 52 mins
Worldwide except for Switzerland Germany and France

Why did nobody prevent the events of September 11, 2001? Is the French secret service responsible for the attack on Charlie Hebdo? Was the first moon landing a fake? Was Austria‘s far-right party leader Jörg Haider killed by a communist group led by the Mossad? Who brings wars, conflicts, disasters and economic crises into the world? Quite simply: “YOU! And who are you”? The Illuminati. The freemasons. The pharmaceutical cartel. The Jews. Secret services. In summary, conspirators who are in control of all the centers of power, such as politics and the media, are pulling the strings behind the scenes. They want nothing less than the global dominance of the world. In the social media age such conspiracy theories are experiencing a digital renaissance. The abundance of contradictory and partly totally fictitious information that has been brought to us from a number of sources has created a jungle of information that will deprive us of any orientation. How and what and whom can we still believe? Do we need clear enemy images and simple narratives to be able to endure this immensely complex world at all? Who provides what information? And who benefits from our fear of the uncertainty? “Rulers of the World” consisting of a TV documentary and an interactive web application, is devoted to all these questions. The aim of this documentary is to make the foundation and emergence of conspiracy theories, their application, as well as their benefit and their beneficiaries recognizable and thus easier to understand.

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