Year of the Hedgehog

1 x 50 min
Worldwide except for Germany

It’s springtime, the air is tepid, the skylarks chirp, and spring flowers cover the meadows and the forest grounds. Out of a pile of leaves a fluttery, sniffling snout tip appears: it’s a hedgehog awakening from its winter sleep heading into the light of a new year, having only two things in mind: food and finding a partner. This documentary accompanies for a year one of the most popular yet still unknown animals of our landscape. The hedgehog is not only part of the oldest mammal species on our planet, newest findings disclose that it will stay among us for many years to come. Neither the massive destruction of natural habitats nor the horrendous road kill can seriously endanger its population. Award-winning wildlife filmmaker Kurt Mündl will present never before seen details and behavioural patterns of the spiky fellow. With special camera techniques he is in pursuit of the most interesting questions. What does a hedgehog really eat and drink? What do their newborns look like and do they have quills? Is a hedgehog immune against snake venom and why has it been a symbol of luck over the last centuries?

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