Zapovednik – A Political Satire

DW Transtel | 26 4607
12 mins / ep
Episodes 1 – 52

Animation for grown-ups!
Renowned Russian spin doctors, Wolf and Hare, are busy discussing the
hottest political issues of the day. Every week they rip the political elites to shreds – from Putin to Biden, Erdogan to Scholz. Dissecting political scandals, the big issues and the intrigue.
In their newscast summary, Wolf – biting, cynical, meticulous, and Hare – cowardly, prone to compromise and panic, comment on the current political situation in Russia and its aggression against Ukraine. They are supported
by Crow – a reporter, able to get anywhere at all without being noticed, doing the roving reports, and Owl – the editor, putting the stories on air.
The characters’ discussions are illustrated by sketches of 1–5 minutes, involving Russian and foreign politicians. In places where people, animals, money and the last remnants of common sense disappear.
The animation is created using a state-of-the-art game development environment, with the animated characters coming to life through real-life actors and motion capture. An innovative new production technique makes it all possible. This show is politics stripped bare and with no make-up – DW’s animated satire Zapovednik (The Nature Reserve).

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