AHA! Museum of Adventures

German with English Subtitle (2 episodes only)
39 x 15 min (3 seasons)

Thomas Brezina and the punk mummy Ramfetz set out to find fascinating curiosities in this new educational format. In each episode, five museum artefacts with extraordinary stories are presented. However, two of them are forgeries and our young viewers must try to guess which items are real and which are fake. In 39 episodes of 15 minutes each, young audiences can discover fascinating objects and their exciting stories from a wide range of fields such as art, history, music, technology and nature. The objects are housed in nine halls that thematically set the scene: the hall of strange things, the hall of art, nature, animals, the past, technology, music, books and the kitchen lab. The imaginatively decorated museum space forms the scene for “AHA! Museum of Adventures” through rear projections in the studio. Animated figures in the exhibition rooms interact with the scenes.

Awards: World Media Festival Hamburg (2020): intermedia-globe Silver-Award (won)

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