Play Big
Turkish in English subtitled
86 mins
Adventure, Comedy
Kids 3-9
S.E.A. Only


Captain Pingu is a little blue penguin living with his family and penguin friends. The place where he lives is covered with glaciers, and these have been melting day by day. One day when training baby penguins how to be sensitive to nature, his friends the polar bear Putuk, and Pelik the pelican fall into the sea and disappear. Due to a change of undercurrent waters, they cannot find him. Then comes as a letter form the Animal Counsil. In the letter, the Council ask Captain Pengu to investigate the abnormal changes observed in the world. Captain Pengu sets out to find his missing friends and fulfills the Counsil’s demand. In the journey, with lots of laughter, and sometimes some sad moments, but full of adventure & excitement, our heroes who aim to restore nature and will do their best to maintain its balance, will learn a lot about the environment, nature, and friendship while encountering all king of beauties nature has to offer.

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