Cracker Snap

German with English subtitle (2 episodes only)
40 x 15 min (5 seasons)
Worldwide except for Germany

Funny, crazy and unlimited – “Cracker Snap”: the new knowledge format with a certain “Aha” effect! Why did pirates wear eye patches? Can horses sleep standing up? And how do you bake a chequered cake? Every episode inspires with unusual and amusing ideas and sensational tricks from this multicoloured curiosity shop! Amazing discoveries, exciting expeditions and stunning phenomena bring history to life for young and old alike and invite viewers to take part in fun experiments, which can be repeated at home with playful ease. It’ll astound and amaze you as well as make you smile: “Cracker Snap” proves that science is fun in a playful and entertaining way!

Awards: BANFF World Media Festival Kanada (2015): Rocky Award: Children’s Non-Fiction (won)

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