Play Big
39 x 10 mins


Children dream big and they love going adventures in their imaginary worlds. In these dreams, they could be an astronaut, a doctor, an explorer, a baker or a truck driver. Anything but a mathematician. Actually, they don’t need to be one as they are natural born problem solvers. Kids explore the world we live in by constantly challenging it because every new thing they see is a new problem to be solved and their biggest tool is their intelligence which is always hungry for an answer. Well, Jade is one of them. A little girl with a big imagination. She is smart, cute, kind, and curious. She loves going on adventures with her friend Mat-Mats, a bug-like, cute creature in their colorful world. Mat-Mats are usually clumsy and clueless in almost any situation and they get themselves into trouble whereas Jade always solves problems and saves the day.

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