Lil’ Wild

Play Big
Season 1: 16 x 11 min
Season 2: 20 x 11 min
Season 3: 20 x 11 min
TV Special: 1 x 26 min (new!)
Adventure-comedy with educational content
S.E.A. Only

A zoo is a crazy place to live. Creatures of all sizes who never meant to share a continent now having to live side by side. But for a group of friends… it’s home! Join action packed elephant Rara, genius alligator Wobi, timid white tiger Meep, sassy otter Kokeko and fearless pigeon Dil in their adventures around the zoo as they tackle the pains of growing up and get a… “Lil Wild”. Not only will kids get to learn interesting wild life fun facts, they will also learn to deal with real-life challenges as experienced by Rara, Wobi, Meep, Kokeko, and Dil.

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