Little Archer & the Legend

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22 x 60 min
S.E.A. Only

Little Archer and the Legend is the extraordinary adventure of a 10-year-old boy named Mete. After moving outside of town following Meteโ€™s diagnosis of asthma, his sister accuses him of causing separation from their friends and neighbourhood, and hence, she leaves Mete alone. Having no friends in this new and small village, Mete starts to imagine himself as a hero named Tozkoparan and fights against enemies using his arrow. Being a true legend, Tozkoparan is famous for his record of shooting the longest-distance with an arrow in 916. Pursuing his interest for archery, Mete gets chosen for his school team. Making new friends, Mete finds out that there are two separate teams for archery and he is in the team of the kids who have been bullying him. While trying to get closer to the other team, Mete learns about the โ€˜Wildโ€™ man in the forest. This โ€˜Wildโ€™ man is told to hate kids and attack them at the same time. Being bullied by the kids in his team, Mete also tries to fight โ€˜Wildโ€™ and his life in this small village seems to become a big adventure.

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