OneGate Media
Non Verbal
24 x 4 min

Every evening around 1.5 million little viewers switch on the ”sandman” on German TV to get ready for bed. The soothing tradition to let the white-bearded ‘sleep specialist’ have them tell their good-night story has been going for already 60 years. And every evening, the sandman comes along differently; he rides on a grasshopper, arrives in a tricycle or flies with a helicopter. And he always has a wonderful evening treat at hand. By turning on his small TV, the good night story begins … The sandman’s TV shows 5 minutes episodes of popular children series. In Germany, these are ”Pittiplatsch”, ”Jan & Henry”, ”Turn the light on!”, ”Ferdinand and Paula” and others. When the film is over and sandman’s TV is turned off and he gently sprinkles sleepy making sand across the screen.

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