Play Big
78 x 11 mins
Comedy, Adventures
S.E.A. Only


SOS Fairy Manu follows the misadventures of Manu, an apprentice fairy godmother who aims to solve the problems of all the inhabitants of the enchanted Kingdom with her magic umbrella wand. With Joao, her cowardly friend, and duke, a frog who believes he’s a nobleman, Manu helps unusual fairy tales characters like a big-footed Cinderella and a little Wolf, who suffers badly at the hands of the three little Pigs, while having to deal with Witch Valquiria, but Manu’s spells do not always go as expected. She often makes things worse by thinking she knows enough to solve everything by herself and has to find a way to get out of the situations she created.

Nominated for the 5th International Emmy Kids Award in 2016.

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