Space Yogurt

Play Big
S1: 10 x 30 sec
S2: 10 x 2 mins
S.E.A Only

Space Yoghurt is about three odd alien friends – captain Migol, the lookout Popodom and the engineer Drod. In each episode we follow them in their daily lives, which are everything but ordinary. Their curiousity and playfulness get them in a lot of trouble and in many funny situations, which they have to solve in different creative ways. Sometimes they also drive each other crazy but true friendship overcomes any setback and there is nothing better than having a good laugh together after solving a problem. Space Yoghurt TV-series is meant to entertain and to put a smile on everyone’s face. It’s a clever, none dialogue, character-driven humorous show that will, without a doubt, put you in a better mood. The stories teach us about friendship and how to love and appreciate each other’s peculiarities, because they make us unique and interesting.

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