Philharmonix – Live from Taggenbrunn Castle

1 x 87 min

What unites the world-class musicians of the Berlin and Vienna Philharmonic Orchestras is a passion for music – but not just the joy of classical repertoire: their program extends far beyond that. In their brilliant new versions, they also tackle jazz and Latin, Jewish folk music, Hollywood melodies and pop. Whether the Philharmonix arrange pop songs or Viennese songs, Prokofiev or Tchaikovsky, Gershwin or Piazzolla: classical music cannot be more entertaining, enjoyable or clever. Their music is influenced by the sound aesthetics and tradition of the top orchestras they usually work for: Thilo Fechner (viola), Daniel Ottensamer (clarinet) and Ödön Rácz (contrabass) play for the Vienna Phiharmonic Orchestra, Stephan Koncz (violoncello) and Noah Bendix-Balgley (violin) for the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. They are joined by the outstanding soloists Christoph Traxler (piano) and Sebastian Gürtler (violin), who writes most of the new arrangements. They have all won numerous prizes and prestigious classical music competitions. When they are on stage together as Philharmonix, the audience wins: where else does the audience move to the rhythm of the ensemble in the concert hall, laugh at original interjections, cheer with enthusiasm – and listen to world-class music at the same time?

1. Klezmer Medley
2. Fuga in C
3. Gelbe Quitten
4. Waltzing Matilda
5. Salomes Tanz
6. Babarababa PHX
7. Brahms – Hungarian Dance No. 1 (Isteni Csárdás)
8. Dvorak – Humoresque (arr. for PHX) – Partitur
9. Mercury (Koncz) – Don’t Stop Me Now (arr. for PHX)
10. Mozart – Turkish Overture (arr. for PHX)
11. Rock Me Amadeus – Partitur
12. Rose Room (In Sunny Roseland)
13. Russian Overture for TPH
14. Soul Bossa Nova – Partitur
15. Sting – Englishman in New York (arr. for TPH)
16. Swing on Beethoven

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