The Bartered Bride – Opera Graz 2022

1 x 154 min

At breakneck speed, the overture leads us into the cheerful festive mood of a Bohemian village in the middle of the 19th century. But the protagonist Marie is in no mood to celebrate: Her father wants her to marry the slow-witted but wealthy Wenzel, but she has already lost her heart to Hans. A turbulent interchange of intrigue, confusion and surprising twists unravels… The comic opera “The Bartered Bride” is Bedrich Smetana’s best-known work alongside “Moldau”. Adriana Altaras is directing “The Bartered Bride” for the first time at the Opera Graz. Working as director, author, and actress, she has been staging plays and musical theater in the German-speaking world and writing books since the nineties, as well as being a familiar face on television. Roland Kluttig conducts the Graz Philharmonic Orchestra. Performers include Tetiana Miyus (Marie), Matthias Koziorowski (Hans), Albert Memeti (Wenzel) and Wilfried Zelinka (Kecal).

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