Women making a difference: Providing indigenous people with education, fighting injustice with friendship and using sports or traditional crafts as a means of empowerment, health and culture. Impact highlights the women who have started their own initiatives to make life better throughout Asia.


Some cars are just too good to ever disappear. Meet those who used their love for class and car-engineering to ensure their favorite classic car won’t disappear from the streets. How? By meeting the future standard of transportation – electrifying it!

Meet The Germans

Would you like to meet the Germans? From beer to nudity and ridiculous grammar – Meet the Germans uncovers the quirks and idiosyncrasies of the German culture. Whether it’s hard to pronounce words or the perfect German breakfast, check out our insider tips and have a light-hearted but informative look at life in Germany.

Work Places

Social justice at work: A renaissance of natural materials in the textile industry? An app that helps the homeless? Or one that makes work easier for young mothers and pregnant women? This is the future of work in Europe and Asia as the focus shifts more and more to social justice, fair working conditions and environmental responsibility.

My Calling

Why would someone continue to fill in the countless potholes on Mumbai´s streets? Or why is a pianist playing in the ruins of a wartorn city? My Calling focuses on people whose lives and responsibilities couldn´t be more different. But there is one thing that they all have in common: Their dedication to a specific purpose. Drawing on their own courage and creativity, they are determined to turn their ideas into reality – for themselves and, often, for others.

Quirky Customs

Looking for a new hobby? Maybe you fancy dressing up as a straw bear and giving the neighbors a fright? Or you could see how far you can toss a caber. Another option: You could chase a wheel of cheese as it hurtles down a very steep hill. The latter is definitely something for the daredevils! The series Quirky Customs is all about bizarre rituals, colorful traditions and zany contests. There’ll be dancing, galloping, fighting…and a whole lot more!


Discover Germany with engaging impressions of the landscape, architecture, infrastructure, economy and culture from a bird’s eye perspective!

Going Wild​

The Earth is shared by man and beast – often at the expense of the latter. The over-exploitation of the natural world is depriving animals of key habitats. ‘Going Wild’ explores sustainable alternatives for the protection of threatened species and provides insights into the habitat of wild animals.

Beyond Limits

Seatrekking or an expedition to Antarctica? These aren’t your average everyday sports. A series about adrenaline, danger and (no) limits.

The World Of Economics Explained

Economics – for some people, a concept that’s difficult to grasp. That doesn’t have to be the case! This video series clarifies essential economic correlations in an entertaining and vivid way and explains how the market works. Graphic explanatory features present fundamental economic principles in an easily accessible way.

Robots Now

“Robots Now!” shows how robots are set to change our lives. From industrial or household robots, through to androids and even robot pets – the revolution is in full swing. Discover what kind of robots are currently on the market, what they can do, the impact they’ll have on our society and what the future holds.


Dresscode – the award-winning series that looks at men’s style in the modern world from every perspective. Hilarious, biting – informative! DW Business presenter Gerhard Elfers showcases icons from the past and takes aim at sartorial gaffes made by figures from business and politics who, according to him, really should know better. 

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