1000 Tricks

1000 Tricks

ORF-E | 2020 – 2021
German with English Subtitle (2 episode only)
Season 2 – 13 x 15 min – New Season
Season 1 – 13 x 15 min

1000 Tricks introduce young audiences to the world of magic. The program also gives insights into how magic is performed, so that children are encouraged to imitate and demonstrate the tricks themselves. The tricks that are betrayed do not require any investment, and can be performed with everyday objects from the world of children. But magicians also perform tricks that remain mysteries and leave you amazed. There is also an interactive trick in each episode that all viewers can participate in. 1000 tricks enchants and encourages you to join in and imitate. The young audience can amaze their parents, classmates and friends with the tricks they learn!

Award: World Media Festival Hamburg (2021): intermedia-globe GOLD Award (won)