Ark of Stone - The Voyage of Sardinia aka Sardinia - Ship of Stone (4K)

ORF-E | 2021
1 x 52 min
Worldwide except Germany and France

More than 40 million years ago, Sardinia broke away from Europe’s southern rim and began drifting towards Africa. Along its eventful voyage, this gigantic vessel of stone picked up a rich variety of passengers from the surrounding land and sea. During a fascinating journey through time, the film takes the viewers on a guided tour of this great ship, from the highest point that scrapes the Mediterranean sky to the dark cavities of its hold, and into the submarine world that surrounds its hull. Today, Sardinia’s rugged mountains, gigantic caves, wind-swept plateaus, ancient forests, and azure waters boast an overwhelming diversity of plants, animals and civilizations – a result of the ancient journey that brought the whole variety of the Mediterranean together on a single island at its very center.