OneGate Media
German with English subtitles
S34 – 13 x 50 min
S35 – 13 x 50 min (new season)
S36 – 13 x 50 min (new season)

If ever cops were “friends and helpers”, it’s the cops of “Cops & Companions”. Sure they will whip out their guns and chase criminals through Hamburg’s streets like the best of them. But more often than not, you will find them listening to the grandma who has just been robbed, tracking down thugs who blackmail shopkeepers, helping young people say no to crime, preventing suicides or comforting victims… Though their precinct extends to the pimps and racketeers of the red light district and the patrician families of the finer neighbourhoods, these cops are more at home among the simple, ordinary folk who are just trying to cope with life the best they can. One of the longest-running police series on German television, “Cops & Companions” blends the excitement of suspenseful criminal cases with the warm-hearted and humorous camaraderie of a tight-knit team. Once you have gotten to know these endearing policemen and policewomen, you will wish they were on the beat in your own neighbourhood!

Awards: Golden Camera Audience Award (winner)

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