Harbour Crimes

Harbour Crimes

Studio Hamburg | 2022
German with English subtitles
2 x 90 mins (To Be Continued)

Criminal technician Linda Selb is quite an expert in her field, but her unique personality keeps people at bay. Luckily, she has grown fond of her two new colleagues rather quickly. One of them is Mads Andersen, a man of mystery that does not reveal much about himself. Andersen has stared into every void that police work has in store and still keeps going strong, not bothering all that much with the rules. He is quite the chameleon, adapting to the people in his surroundings to get what he wants. Liv Moormann, who wants to make a career of her placement with homicide, has some trouble getting the recognition she deserves as colleagues see her as inexperienced. But she is ambitious and won’t quit, neither with her colleagues, her future boss, nor anyone she considers a suspect.

1. Newborn
2. The Night Wins, Always