Life, the Universe and Almost Everything

Life, the Universe and Almost Everything

DW Transtel | 26 4951
YOP: 2022
30 mins / ep
Episodes 1 – 6

Our world is a place full of mystery and wonder. What if we looked at it with the curiosity and openness of a child? If we looked beyond textbook answers to basic questions? If we were unafraid to question supposed certainties? And if we just asked, without worrying about seeming dumb? What happens when scientists are happy to interpret such questions as an invitation to share what they know? When they convey their insights in a way that’s accessible to all, demystify the jargon and explain the most complex interconnections simply and clearly? When learning is fun and astonishing?
Then, we discover a world that’s surprisingly different from the one we think we know. Then, science opens our eyes and leads us by the hand into the unknown. We ask questions about Life, the Universe and Almost Everything. Questions that are both big and small. And we show some of the responses from the world of science – all of them smart, educational and entertaining.

1 What is the Secret of Light?
2 Will We Relocate to the Water?
3 How Much Does Life on Earth Weigh?
4 Can Algorithms Make Us Healthy?
5 Can We Dig Our Way Through the Earth?
6 What do Animals Talk About?