Play Big



Play Big | 2010
Non-voiced Comedy; Preschool
52 x 5 mins
S.E.A Only

Uki is a CGI-animated pre-school show that centres on a cute, cuddly, upbeat, very curious little creature and encourages viewers to join in and learn, but most of all to have fun!

Uki is just like a curious, energetic, excited toddler. He discovers the wonder of falling leaves, perfumed flowers, squishy blackberries and muddy puddles. He learns from experience that flowers need water, rain is wet, bubbles pop and snow is cold but fun to play with. Uki takes the youngest of viewers by the hand to discover the world through adventures that are playful, funny and cheerful. Each episode describes a day in Uki’s
life.Nature is not only the backdrop to Uki’s world, it is also his very own playground. Viewers will recognise at a single glance familiar images in Uki’s environment – vivid graphics and vibrant colours make Uki’s world big, bright and beautiful!