Backwoods Crimes – Shock

German with English subtitle
1 x 90 min

The team of investigators at Vienna’s Federal Criminal Police Office is faced with an unusually delicate task: Lieutenant-Colonel Moritz Eisner and his colleague, Major Bibi Fellner, aren’t supposed to solve a murder case, but rather prevent one. A young man has kidnapped his parents and in an open message has threatened to harm his mother and father – both highly respected members of society – and himself. Public interest in the events is huge. What’s more, the young man always seems to be one step ahead of the investigators and successfully avoids being arrested. He skillfully influences public opinion about himself by using the social media and effectively directs his critical messages at the prevailing social system. Eisner and Fellner are closing in on the young man and get into a spiral of public pressure, intense conflicts with each other, and growing inner doubts. The longer the feverish hunt lasts, the clearer it becomes that the culprit isn’t working alone. He must have accomplices that support him and his activities. The trail leads to a network of radical activists classified as extremist by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

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