OneGate Media
German with English subtitles
1 x 90 mins

For Connie, things have been going to plan for many years, both professionally and in her private life. That is, until the son of the CEO takes over the business, forcing new demands on the workforce. In future, English is to be the business language. English? Fluently? Hard to believe, but “Mrs. Perfect” hardly speaks a word of English and suffers from a veritable language blockage. Not wanting to lose her job, Connie immediately signs up for an intensive English language course in Ireland. But the perfectionist is totally unprepared for her teacher Gillian, the warm-hearted, yet slightly chaotic and young-looking woman, who sees her main job as funeral director as a vocation. Connie also has her problems with her co-student, Max, who spends most of his time touring the German provinces as a Tom Jones imitator, but who is currently in Ireland to visit his 16-year-old daughter, Amy. Much to Connie’s displeasure, the bon vivant is not interested in rules and regulations. But, after just a few days, she comes to realise that in her ‘oh so perfect’ life, there is more missing than just her grasp of the English language. And that spontaneity can often be so much more rewarding than perfection. But can Connie leave her mapped-out life behind and risk taking the plunge into the great unknown?


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