1 x 90 min

While Bibi Fellner is jogging through the forest, she accidentally runs into a senior official from the Interior Ministry. Shortly thereafter, the man is dead. Moritz Eisner, who is due to start a long-awaited project at Europol and the EU anti-corruption agency OLAF in The Hague in a few days, decides to take on this case. But is it even a case? The ministry is pushing for the cause of death to be declared as a simple heart attack. Apparently, there was no outside influence, and the traces of a doping agent in the dead man’s blood do not suggest poisoning. Although the dead man was feared in the Ministry, he apparently only had friends. He leaves behind a genuinely grieving widow, a friendly neighbor and a caring sports doctor. At the very moment when Moritz Eisner tracks down the first gaps in the dead man’s spotless past, he is told that he will not get the job in The Hague after all. However, the leave he applied for in order to be able to go to Holland was granted. Suddenly, Moritz Eisner lost the case and his dream job. But that does not stop him. On the contrary: Eisner takes on the fight against the seemingly all-powerful opponents, and not even Bibi can stop him.


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